alsettimo_cielo (alsettimo_cielo) wrote in ivy_leaguers,

maybe this will help u

hey i'm new to this community. I'm born and raised in nYc, the best place on earth (represent!)
anyway, i've visited columbia university a few times (just walking by and because my cousin went there) but it was difficult to really get a feel for the campus and campus life, which felt invisible and hard to grasp, because, you know, it's in the city and everything and people go and come their own way all the time. I heard from a friend about the U, it has a whole set of ivy league dvds that the students at columbia made (and they have one for the other ivy league schools, as well, i think). So i just wanted to give u guys the site to see for urselves, and recommend the dvds to get a more detailed and honest behind the scenes idea of the schools, if you are applying. Oh, and if you go there, they have a blog section where you can write about different things about your school, some are pretty interesting. Hope this helped.
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